Boost Up Customises Promotional Jackets
for Marketing Campaigns

Jackets that carry your company’s logo are an effective way to raise brand awareness and foster customer loyalty. The functionality of this piece of promotional merchandise also prevents its untimely disposal, unlike other marketing materials.

Functional and Stylish Merchandise

Customised promotional jackets are a favorite for many organisations because of their functionality. When people receive promotional items, they usually hide and forget them or throw them away. Not so with a jacket; its usefulness prevents these scenarios from coming to pass. A well-designed jacket with tasteful branding placements will encourages the owner to include it in their daily wardrobe.

Premium Advertising Space

Promotional outerwear has plenty of space for your logo, website address and other branded design elements. A simple yet attractive design will catch people’s attention when they see it. This is how a custom jacket turns into a walking billboard for your brand.

Practical Corporate Giveaways

Corporate events often have goody bags filled with branded office supplies and other promotional items. While these are effective methods of building brand awareness, a customised jacket is more personal and has more value. Using this promotional item as a giveaway for your clients, investors, and employees shows your appreciation for them.

Elevate Company Uniforms

Uniforms foster a sense of company pride and promote unity within the organisation. Providing employees with a customised jacket elevates their look and improves brand presence within the work environment. Additionally, it elevates the look of your uniforms, making your company look even more professional.

Promotional Jackets from Boost Up

Boost Up has promotional jackets available for delivery throughout Australia. We carry high-quality outerwear that our specialists customise to suit your promotional needs. We have an in-house embroidery service that will cleanly stitch your logo onto your jackets.

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